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If you’re interested in quickly generating hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month without ever buying stocks, we’d encourage you to check out Enrique Abeyta’s Empire Elite Options letter, where he’s generated returns like…

  • 1,418% in 35 days on Qualcomm
  • 460% in 49 days on Estee Lauder
  • 401% in 27 days on Philip Morris

If you’re a retiree who’s looking to safely grow your portfolio, be sure to look at our newest product, Herb Greenberg’s Investment Opportunities. There, longtime financial journalist Herb Greenberg shares super-safe investment ideas you can plan to buy and hold for the long term in your retirement accounts.

For investors looking for some “high octane” ideas, look no further than Empire Elite Growth.Enrique doesn’t even consider recommending a stock unless it has 500% to 1,000% long-term upside potential… and within a year of its launch, readers could have more than doubled their money three times.

And each month in Whitney Tilson’s flagship Empire Investment Report newsletter, he applies the same strategy he used to begin with $1 million in 1999 and build a hedge fund with $200 million in peak assets, nearly tripling his investors’ money in his first decade. That’s how he’s led his readers to gains like…

  • 268% on Smith & Wesson
  • 215% on Virgin Galactic
  • 156% on Penn National Gaming
  • 112% on Green Thumb Industries
  • 107% on Ormat Technologies
  • 100% on Ameresco
  • 88% on Volaris
  • 72% on Ambarella
  • And more…

In short, we have a product for nearly every investment approach and goal. Come on in and see what product is right for you!

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Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson

About The Editor

Empire Financial Research founder and CEO Whitney Tilson is the editor of the Empire Investment Report, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on cheap, high-quality stock ideas.

Whitney graduated with honors from Harvard University and Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA and was named a Baker Scholar. Whitney spent nearly 20 years on Wall Street, during which time he founded and ran Kase Capital Management, growing assets under management from $1 million at inception to a peak of $200 million.

Once dubbed "The Prophet" by CNBC, Whitney predicted the dot-com crash, the housing bust, the 2009 stock bottom, and more. Now, he's sharing his secrets and strategies with followers of his latest endeavor, Empire Financial Research.